The Cove Neighborhood Pub

Came here for a reunion of sorts with quite a large group. Wasn’t my choice for food, but not that many places in the area can take large groups anyway…

Sushi Maro

I last minute decided to call Sushi Maro to order takeout for dinner.

KFC (Tsawwassen Mills outlet)

I don’t have KFC chicken often, because I generally haven’t liked it too much. I don’t really understand how people like it so much. The last time I had it, the meat was so dry and bland. The only thing that was flavourful was the breaded chicken skin. I hypothesized that maybe it was the…

Donair Stop

Stumbled here on a Friday evening with some new friends. They hadn’t tried this kind of food before and it can be really filling and delicious when done right.

Blue Water Cafe

It wasn’t too busy when we came early on a Sunday evening just before 6. Either way, we had made reservations for a birthday dinner.

Straight Outta Brooklyn

Came here on a whim on a Friday evening. It wasn’t too busy just before 7 pm but it got really busy shortly afterward.

Danny Wun Tun

Voted Richmond’s best Chinese restaurant a couple times, we thought this place would be decent and were sorely disappointed.

Ramenman (Davie)

I had heard about Ramenman’s soft opening on Davie St for a couple weeks already. They’re only open 11 – 3 and serve 50 bowls of ramen a day.

Banter Room

Decided to check out the Banter Room with some friends for a Friday lunch.

The Parlour

We arrived right at 12:00 to try to beat everyone else, but we weren’t early enough and had to sit at the bar — all the tables were full.


After several years of wanting to try this place out, I finally did. We came here on a Friday evening. My friends got here at 6, which was earlier than I did, but we still had to wait about an hour. Fortunately, there was seating on the patio and although they didn’t serve the regular…