Gold Train Express (Kingsway)

My friend came back from Australia and he wanted to have pho so I reluctantly agreed. I don’t really like pho that much, at least the pho I get in Vancouver, and my visit to Gold Train Express did not change my mind at all. I ordered two items — Lemongrass pork chop on rice…

Milk & Sugar Cafe

We came here after having some spicy food nearby on a weekend afternoon. It wasn’t too busy.

Kissa Tanto

We came here on a Friday evening at 5:30pm and there was already a long line for walk-in tables. It was near the end of May yet the restaurant was fully booked for reservations until August!


Had to stay late on campus one evening so decided to stop by the Flipside to get some delicious fried chicken.

Grand Noodle Emporium

Visit #1 I don’t think I’ve ever ate food from here before, even in the old Student Union Building. I came here with a friend during lunch and found out that there was seating inside. There were a couple booths, which were all taken, some by individuals… and a huge communal table with stools, kind…

La Mezcaleria (Gastown)

Caught up with some friends over dinner. We decided to go to La Mezcaleria because we heard it was good and wanted to try it out. I actually heard of this place a long time ago but I don’t eat Mexican food that often. Unfortunately, it was pretty bad.

Memphis Blues (Commercial)

Went to the Memphis Blue’s on Commercial with a bunch of friends. As usual, it was a pain finding free parking. Good thing we had a reservation because there were a lot of us. We came around 6:30 and by the time we were leaving (around 7:45) there were a few people waiting.

Milk and Eggs

It was almost empty when we came here on a Friday night. It was snowing pretty heavily outside, so that was probably why. I had just finished my midterm so it was celebration time.

Mister – Artisan Ice Cream

It was somewhat busy when we got here around 8 PM after dinner on a weekday. I didn’t know the restaurants on Mainland in the Yaletown area got this busy even on weekdays. People have been hyping this place up, so I wanted to check it out. Mister serves Artisan ice cream made using liquid…

Momo Sushi

Happened to be downtown on a weekday for once, so I asked my friend to accompany me to Momo sushi. There is a surprisingly disappointing selection of well-priced, decent quality sushi places in the downtown area.


Decided to come here after watching Mike Chen/Strictly Dumpling’s YouTube video about how good this place was.


I’m combining two visits to Mercante into one post.