Uno Gelato

This gelato place just opened up and is supposedly the first of three locations from gelato maker James Coleridge, known for Bella Gelateria.

Prata man

Came here for dinner with a friend. We arrived around 8 pm, and we called in advance to make sure they still had Hainanese chicken, which is what they’re known for here.

The Flying Pig

Came here for a weekday, it wasn’t too busy around 12:40.

Happy Tree House BBQ

Went to Happy Tree House BBQ for some Chinese bbq skewers on a cold Monday evening.

Ryuu Japanese

Passed by this place a couple times and although it didn’t look that promising, I’d wanted to at least give it a try.

Dolpan Seoul BBQ

Excuse the bad pictures in advance 😦 Decided to come here for lunch to catch up with a friend on a Sunday. The place wasn’t that big, but it wasn’t too busy when we arrived shortly after 1.

The Acorn

Came here for my 8th and second last Dine Out Vancouver of 2018.


Came here for cake after some spicy ramen. We went to the Robson location first, but that was completely full, and there were even people sitting outside in the cold. Seems like people like studying here. It is open 24/7 after all.


Went to Ancora for my fifth Dine Out Vancouver of 2018.

New Oxford

Came here for a team lunch on a Monday. Surprisingly, there weren’t many people around.

Diva at the Met

Went to Diva at the Met for my third Dine Out Vancouver 2018 with my partner and our mutual friend.

Dosa Corner

Joined a large group of people here for a celebration one Sunday evening. Despite it being Sunday, it was pretty busy.