We tried to go have poutine nearby but that place was completely full. So we went to Cazba instead for some Persian food! Complimentary pita bread. There was no sauce or dip to go with it though… other than butter, strangely. The bread was served cold as well. Oh, and here’s some raw onion. I…

Chao Shou Wang

I wanted to try the chili dumplings here but we came just when everything was pretty much closing, which kinda sucked, and at this time they had run out of dumplings.

Chu Resto

This place opened up in Aberdeen food court kind of recently (at the time of writing), and I wanted to check it out. I got the signature dry noodle ($7.99), a specialty of Wu Han. It’s also called hot dry noodles, or re gan mian.


Went here for a friend for lunch. It was really packed in here and people kept brushing me as they went by my seat. Pretty bad restaurant layout.


My friend (from out of town, ironically) took me here one weekday evening.

Holi Masala

The Holi Masala food truck came by our office and so I decided to try it out.

Long Shun Yuan

Came here with a friend for dinner one night in Richmond. We were actually supposed to go to Samsoonie but it was packed even on a Wednesday at 8 pm so we went to Alexandra Rd and popped in here partially by chance.

Stem Japanese Eatery

A Japanese friend recommended STEM eatery. I looked at the menu and pictures online and it seemed interesting!


Came here on a cold Saturday for lunch. We arrived around 12:45 and it was almost empty but a couple more people came in later on.

Chang An

This place has been on my “to go” list for a while, and one day my friend randomly suggested that we try it.

Crave India

This place was recommended by my partner so we decided to go together for me to try it one evening after work. They have about four small (two person) tables. Throughout the dinner the door kept slamming loudly, they should really fix that…