Triple O’s (UBC)

Came here on a Friday just before noon. It was pretty empty, but we had gotten off class early so that was probably why. The line got pretty crowded after 12 and then died down 20 – 30 minutes later.


Went here for my eight and last Dineout of 2017 ($30 menu).

Five Guys

Had heard a lot of good things about Five Guys, but I hadn’t tried it out… until now.

Exile Bistro

Went here for my second last Dineout of 2017 ($30 menu) on a snowy evening. The restaurant was quite small, I think it only sat less than twenty people.


Yet another Dineout Vancouver. It wasn’t too busy, although it was a Sunday night after all.


My friend wanted to try some French food, so we came here on a Friday night for Dineout Vancouver. We decided to share our mains and desserts so we could try as much as possible!


Went here for yet another Dineout Vancouver dinner with my friends.


Yet another Dineout Vancouver meal. It was fairly busy, despite it being a weekday evening. I would categorize the food at Bambudda as modern Asian cuisine, or Asian/Western fusion. However, their website explicitly says that Bambudda isn’t fusion and is instead “elevated Asian cuisine…”


Went here for my second Dineout Vancouver dinner! It was hard to get a table here, but we managed to get one for three people on a Saturday night, albeit around 8 pm.

The Observatory

First Dineout Vancouver dinner of 2017! Went to The Observatory with my family and my partner. We were coming from UBC and the drive was horrendous. Left UBC at 5, needed to get to the restaurant by 6:30. Google Maps said it would take 53 minutes to drive there but it took way longer, unfortunately….


Came here for a belated birthday celebration on a Sunday evening around 6. It was not crowded at all — we were one of the only two groups in the restaurant.

Sushi Van

First time going here at the suggestion of a friend. We came here on a weekday around 12. It wasn’t too busy right before noon, but as soon as it was noon several groups started coming in and a line began to form. Good thing I got in here before then lol.