Passione Gelato Artigianale

This place just opened up in Parq Vancouver on 55 Smithe. I had heard very good things about this place, and the person who served me gelato was none other than Salvatore Boccarossa, previously of Bella Gelateria.


Came here for dinner with a friend of mine. Being a Sunday, it was completely full and we had to wait around 10 minutes for a table.

Wakwak burgers

This place had gone off the radar and suddenly reappeared. We were in the area and hadn’t eaten much that day, so we decided to drop by on a whim.


Came here with a couple friends to try this place out. Apparently I didn’t write as many notes as I would have liked


A couple of my friends told me about this place so I decided to come here with a friend of mine.

Taka Sushi

Been wanting to come here for a long time. My friend warned me that he had waited two hours when he last came here, but that was two years ago and during the evening. We arrived around 11:45 am and the restaurant was almost empty, thankfully. It got fairly busy as our lunch progressed however.

Tasty Indian Bistro

Tasty Indian Bistro just opened a location in Yaletown so we had to check it out.

Rain or Shine

I’ve come here several times previously but this is the first time I’ve written a blog post on it. It was a Sunday evening and the line up was about 20 people when we arrived, and it grew even longer afterward. What I like about rain or shine is that they have a lot of…

Kung Fu Fish

My friend invited me to a dinner at Spicy Kungfu Fish at Aberdeen Mall for Chinese New Year.

Patsara Thai

My friend recommended this place for lunch so we decided to go together.

Song Tea

Came here on a Saturday evening after dinner and boy was it packed. Had to wait about 10 minutes to order, and then another 10 minutes for our drinks.