Came here on a weekday for lunch and was greeted by quite an unfriendly hostess with some serious RBF.


Then we were escorted into the dining room by another hostess who butchered “irasshaimase” really badly.

The menu was more expensive than I remembered, but oh well. I decided to get the premium sushi lunch.

Miso soup

The miso soup was served really hot and had a fairly rich and deep umami flavour. However, it was well overseasoned.

Premium – traditional and Aburi nigiri, oshi, and specialty rolls, 12 pc – $28

Everything was fairly cold, and the rice was very cold as well, although not too hard. The salmon oshizushi was alright but not as good as I remembered, probably because it was cold and definitely prepared in advance.

Nothing in particular really stood out to me. On the roll there was what seemed to be flavoured cold jellyfish – the kind you’d find in a Chinese restaurant, and it really didn’t belong there. Although all of the items were already seasoned with some kind of sauce, some of the regular nigiri seemed underseasoned.

Toro nigiri – $4 each

Good fish to rice ratio, but again the rice was cold. The toro wasn’t that fatty either and the toro at Bistro Sakana is definitely better. For many of the nigiri including these, they put way too much wasabi.

Overall, it was an overpriced and underwhelming lunch and I won’t be back anytime soon. To me, this place is essentially a trap for tourists and people seeking “fancy” or “high quality” sushi.

Food: 3/5
Value: 2.4/5
Overall: 2.7/5
Would return: when I forget about this experience, so probably next year or so

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