Simply Thai

A month or so ago I had gone to Urban Thai Bistro which was just down the street and didn’t really like it. This time I decided I’d try Simply Thai for lunch. Even shortly after 12, it wasn’t busy at all.

Red Curry ($10) – medium spiciness coconut curry with pork, bamboo, bell peppers, and fresh thai basil

You can actually choose whether you want chicken, beef, or pork here. I decided to have pork. At least during lunch time, it also came with a spring roll.

The spring roll was nice and crisp on the outside but the inside was disappointing. It was stuffed with glass noodles and there wasn’t much meat if any.


The red curry wasn’t much better. It was fairly spicy on its own but it really wasn’t anything special. I’m pretty sure they just heated up the curry and added some pork to it.

The pork was basically just thin slices of pork and there wasn’t a whole lot of it. There were a lot of vegetables though, and I also liked the basil in the curry. However, the curry was way too sweet and also wasn’t that warm. The curry was spicy on its own but with the rice it seemed quite tame.

Overall, my curry was too sweet and I’m not convinced this is the real deal. I wouldn’t come back.

Food: 2.2/5
Value: 3/5
Overall: 2.5/5
Would return: no

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