Ask for Luigi

My friend arrived around 5:04 PM on a Friday and there was already a huge line up. By huge, I mean there were about 35 people in front of him, which is how much the restaurant can host in one sitting, so we had to give them our name and number and wait for the next one. So we went to the park nearby and got a text around 6:25 PM to come back.


Upon sitting, we had already decided what to get so we ordered more or less immediately. We got three dishes from each course to share.

Luigi’s meatballs ($18)

I’m glad we got three since there were three of us. The meatball was quite moist and well seasoned. It had spices but they were not overpowering. The sauce was generally good but it tasted a bit too raw/sour and could have used some more sweetness.

Crispy polenta, mushroom trifolati & piave ($15)

I probably should have taken another picture of just the polenta. There were two pieces of polenta which were crispy on the outside and soft, fluffy, and creamy on the inside.

The piave which I thought was Parmigiano at first, was very strong and funky but in a good way. The mushrooms were good but a bit underseasoned but perhaps the cheese was supposed to compensate.

Special appetizer – orange cauliflower with burrata and truffle

Next was the special. I don’t have truffle much but this dish seems fairly inexpensive for one with truffle. The burrata was really soft and creamy. The truffle pieces didn’t taste like much but I could taste the truffle in the olive oil. The cauliflower gave a nice contrast to the burrata in terms of texture but the stem part was still a bit too firm.

I was expecting some kind of bread to eat the burrata with. On that note, I was a bit sad that they charge for bread and evoo here.

Ricotta and herb ravioli, butter & sage ($24)

The ravioli filling was nice and creamy. The ravioli wrapper itself was quite thin which made the ravioli have the melt in your mouth feel. What I didn’t like was the fact that the ravioli was doused with parmesan and sitting in a lot of oil.

Squid ink radiatore & octopus alla pizzaiola ($26)

Alla pizzaiola means pizza style, or the way I like to think about it is cooked in something like pizza sauce. I was a bit skeptical of that combined with seafood (octopus) but I ended up quite liking this dish.

All of their pasta is fresh pasta made in house. The pasta was nice and al dente, and for the first time I could actually taste the seafood taste in the squid ink pasta. The octopus was well seasoned and quite tender which was really nice. And it wasn’t overpowered by the pizzaiola sauce. This was our favourite entree. I didn’t really like the oily toasted bread crumbs on top though.

Lamb ragu ($25)

This dish was okay but I was a bit disappointed with what we got. I felt the pasta was slightly overdone and I would have liked it to be more al dente. The ragu was reduced to the point where it was just tiny bits of ground meat and the lamb taste was barely present. The dish was not impressive.

We decided to get all three desserts to try them out.

Vanilla bean panna cotta with preserved cherries ($8)

This is probably the creamiest panna cotta I’ve had and I really liked the texture. Despite the creaminess, it still had the wobbly gel-like texture and it went well with the sweet cherry sauce.

That being said, unfortunately I am not a fan of preserved cherries and would have preferred a difference sauce. We weren’t really sure why there was biscotti. Perhaps it was to provide textural contrast to the panna cotta but we didn’t think it belonged.

Olive oil cake ($8) with a ricotta and cream quenelle

The ricotta and cream were beaten to the point that it was no longer grainy and in some ways resembled mascarpone in flavour and texture. It went really well with the cake which was moist and warm, and the sweet orange syrup. Overall I think this was our favourite dessert.

Chocolate budino ($8)

Immediately after trying the cake, I was glad we had saved it for last. It was a dense and very rich chocolate cake, with whipped cream and candied hazelnuts. The candied hazelnuts were salted, buttery and light — almost airy, and helped to some extent balance the rich chocolate flavour of the cake. That being said, there was no way I could have finished this on my own.

Overall, the food was good and I enjoyed my visit. However, there weren’t many things that were particularly remarkable, especially with the entrees, and I would have liked to see more meat dishes as are typical on a more traditional Italian menu. The meal came to about $52 per person before tips.

Food: 3.7/5
Value: 3.6/5
Would return: not for a while

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