Sushi Maro

I last minute decided to call Sushi Maro to order takeout for dinner.

I didn’t spend very long in the restaurant, but the decor was modern and warm.
I decided to get the assorted sushi combo ($14.99). It came with seven nigiri chosen by the chef as well as six pieces of salmon/tuna avocado roll. For seven pieces of nigiri and a roll, the price wasn’t too bad.
Assorted sushi combo ($14.99) – tako, tamago, ebi, saba, sake, tuna, tai
The tako was a bit strange — it was quite soft and didn’t have the hard bite it usually does. I’m not sure if this means it wasn’t fresh, but I wouldn’t say it was unappetizing nor was it fishy.
The saba was well seasoned and generally speaking the fish on the nigiri were a good size.
I liked the wild salmon and the saba pieces the best. The rice wasn’t too cold but I’m not convinced it was freshly made either. The fish also fell off the rice really easily. That being said, the fish to rice ratio was good and the rice wasn’t too dense.
The seaweed on the roll was chewy, but I can’t blame them since I had to walk back to the office with my takeout. There are plenty of fish in the roll and it was pretty good.
Overall, this place is decent, and does pretty well for a sushi place that isn’t Japanese-run. Their menu can be a bit pricey for some items though.
Food: 3.8/5
Value: 4/5
Experience: 3.6/5
Would return: possibly

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