Came here for a Friday lunch, it wasn’t busy at all when we arrived, but a couple more people started showing up around 12:30.

I decided to go with the risotto for lunch. The risotto was pretty flavourful and the mushrooms were nicely cooked. I would have preferred different kinds of mushrooms for more variety, especially given that this was $20 for lunch, but nonetheless the mushrooms were good.

Risotto ai funghi porcini ($20) – porcini mushrooms with arborio rice, extra virgin olive oil, and white wine

The rice was for the most part, al dente which I liked. It was slightly inconsistent in that some parts were harder than others but overall the rice was good. My biggest complaint about the dish would have to be the amount of seasoning in the risotto. It was way too salty, which probably meant they used salted stock to cook the rice. The portion size wasn’t that big either.

Unfortunately, I do think this post will be a bit unrepresentative of the quality of the place because I was only able to sample one dish, but that’ll have to do. My coworker got the carbonara and it looked pretty small too. My coworkers who got the papardelle or the spaghetti alla scoglio on the other hand, had quite large portions. If you’re looking for a bigger portion I would get one of those.

Overall, quite a pricey lunch and I’m not convinced it was worth it. I do want to try their pasta again though.

Food: 3/5, the salt really ruined the dish
Value: 2.6/5
Service: friendly
Overall: 3/5
Would return: I’d like to try their pasta again

L'Antipasto Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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