Ramen Gojiro

I was warned that it would be pretty busy, so I decided to meet my friend around 11:45 AM. I actually arrived five minutes early but there was already two people waiting outside. We had to wait somewhere between 5 and 10 minutes.

Our server was pretty busy and she wasn’t too friendly, but at least the food came quickly. I decided to get the spicy karaage. I chose the rich broth with “spicy” level of spice. They probably should change the name of their “basic” ramen because it doesn’t sound very appealing.


I also decided to get some chashu on the side because I wanted to try that as well. I decided against the bakamori because I wasn’t incredibly hungry; and it mostly seemed like bean sprouts anyway. I decided that if I wanted more I’d just get extra noodles later on.

They sure give some big slices of chashu here. The first thing I tasted was raw garlic which was somewhere on top of the ramen. Not a great way to start, but it was fine after I mixed it into the soup.

Spicy karaage ($10.75) + chashu ($2.50)

There were a lot of bean sprouts in the ramen. I don’t really like bean sprouts in my ramen and this wasn’t an exception. I feel that their crunchiness interferes with the subtler textures in the ramen. They also interfere with slurping the ramen noodles.

The ramen noodles weren’t bad. They were quite thick, which I felt was good given how rich the broth was. However, I prefer my noodles to not be so straight.

The broth was very rich and spicier than I anticipated. As a result, it was very flavourful and also very warming. The broth was just the right amount of salt level in my opinion.

As for the meat — the fried chicken was quite lemony. The outside parts weren’t crispy, probably partially because they were in the broth, even though I took them out right away. The inside wasn’t dry but wasn’t juicy either, and there was quite a bit of breading. I wouldn’t order the karaage on its own. The chashu on the other hand, was very tender and succulent. I would definitely recommend it.

Overall, it was a filling bowl of ramen and I didn’t even get noodle refills. I did think however, that the ramen I had was in a way, unbalanced or unrefined. Which I possibly should have anticipated given that they’re known for their bakamori, which to my limited Japanese knowledge, literally means “stupidly large”. Everything was rich or it was meat, and after finishing the noodles I could even see small globs of pork fat floating my soup. If I had to choose just one word to describe my ramen bowl, I would choose “angry”. If I’m ever really hungry and need a huge bowl of ramen to fill/warm me up, I’d definitely come here again.

Food: 3.7/5
Value: 3.3/5
Overall: 3.5/5
Would return: yes

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