Storm Crow Alehouse

Came here on a weekday with some coworkers for a fun team event. We arrived just before 1 and it wasn’t busy at all.

I decided to be fairly conservative and get a burger.

Storm burger – 6 oz beef patty with lettuce, tomato, signature aioli, onion, served on brioche bun ($10 on Mondays, $13 otherwise)

I also decided to make it a “Thunder burger” which added cheddar cheese, house-made BBQ sauce, and crispy bacon (+$4)

I also subbed poutine (+$3)

I decided to eat the poutine first because there seemed to be a lot of gravy. And there was. Way too much gravy in fact. The gravy had a strong beef flavour and was one of the better poutine gravies I’ve had. The cheese was just regular cheese curds. They weren’t cold, but they weren’t really melted either.


Most of the fries were drenched in gravy. The small bowl was 3/4 full of gravy, so most of the fries were just soggy and had no crisp at all. Overall, quite terrible and an insult to poutine.

Burger wasn’t bad but wasn’t anything special either. It was kind of big in an awkward way and I thought the cheddar cheese was just too much on the burger. The buns were soft and could probably have been toasted a bit more.

The patty was pretty big and it was cooked to a medium. I’m not sure if that was intentional, but I’d have expected to be asked… I did like the patty though and it had a nice grilled flavour.

We also had nachos ($20) to share but I didn’t get a chance to take a picture. It was a good amount of nachos but then again it was $20. The chips weren’t all that crispy either which was pretty disappointing, but there was a lot of cheese which was good.

Overall, the food was meh and I’d come here if I wanted to play games and not really because of the food. Which is what I expect most people come here for anyway. Their menu descriptions are definitely much more impressive than the food itself.

Food: 2.7/5
Value: 2.8/5
Overall: 2.7/5
Would return: probably not

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