Second ever Ethiopian restaurant I’ve been to; the other one being Harambe.

I decided to take a friend here who was visiting from Japan since I thought it would be a unique food experience. We decided to get a bunch of things to share among the four of us.

Vegetarian Combo ($14)

We chose four vegetarian dishes to make up the combo:
1) Kik Alicha – simmered yellow split peas
2) Gomen (spinach) – simmered fresh collard greens
3) Miser Wot – simmered spicy split lentils
4) Atikilt Wok – simmered fresh green beans and carrots

I don’t eat a lot of vegetables but I liked the vegetables more than I was expecting. Since all of these vegetable dishes were simmered, they were quite soft, but not in a bad way. My favourite would probably be the miser wot (top) because you still get the texture of the lentils and it was spicy. The spinach wasn’t bad either and were soft to the point that I didn’t have to chew much.

Awaze Tibs ($16) – tender tip pieces of marinated beef cooked with peppers, onions, garlic, and tomato
Lega Tibs ($16) – tender boneless lamb leg marinated and sauteed with red onion

Fish Tibs ($14) – pieces of fish marinated and sauteed with red onions, garlic, jalapeno, tomato, herbs and spices

Kitfo ($16) – lean, rare, finely-chopped beef in spiced butter, mitmita and Ethiopian mixed spices with homemade cheese

Both of the meat tibs were alright. Flavoured with a spices and somewhat tender. The fish was also quite tender.

I liked the kitfo. There were a lot of spices (maybe too much for me) but it went well with the injera and it didn’t taste like it was very rare but because it was, it was very soft. I forgot to take a picture of the cheese, but it was a very mild cheese that was difficult to scoop out and didn’t taste like much. I think it meant only to add some freshness to the very spiced kitfo.


Overall, I liked the food and there weren’t any dishes that I didn’t like. The injera was too sour for a lot of us, but I think that’s just the nature of it; it isn’t any less sour at Harambe. Everything was well seasoned and because we had to pick up the food with injera, we all got full really quickly. The portion size of the dishes wasn’t as big as I was expecting given the price though.

The service was friendly but it was also quite slow. I think there was only one guy who was preparing all the food and also doing front of house.

Food: 3.5/5
Value: 3/5
Overall: 3.2/5
Would return: possibly

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