Sushi by Yuji

Went here for a belated birthday celebration with my family.

We decided to get a bunch of things to share, mostly rolls. I was considering getting a nigiri set as well but what they had to offer wasn’t that impressive to me and with only a single sushi chef and the sushi being served all on the same plate, I was slightly concerned with the quality.

Battera ($9)

Not bad. The rice didn’t fall apart nor was it too tight. The flavour of the saba was the focus and the ginger gave a fresh aftertaste. The vinegar was a bit strong in the rice though.

Shiro roll ($13)

A house roll essentially. To be honest I was expecting something bigger but I suppose that would have been too unorthodox. It looked good and tasted pretty good too. Seaweed was a bit chewy.

Hamachi salmon avocado roll (~$6)
California roll ($3.75)

I really liked the california roll but I can’t really put my finger on what in particular was special about it. Something about the crab meat (pollock) gave it a slightly smoky-like flavour.

Spicy salmon sashimi (~$10)

Kind of weird, I didn’t like it too much. Truthfully I’m not a big fan of sockeye salmon to begin with.

Assorted sashimi (~$17)

Looked really nice but the pieces were quite small. Everything was very fresh however.

Spicy salmon roll (~$5)
Spicy negihama roll (~$5)
Salmon kama

Can’t remember how much this was, but it was alright. Lots of sesame seeds and teriyaki sauce. For the most part it wasn’t overcooked and the fattier parts were quite soft.

Kanpachi nigiri ($3.5), saba nigiri ($2)

I quite like the Kanpachi nigiri, although I did think the fish to rice ratio was a bit high. The Kanpachi was a bit fatty and had a good bite to it.

Salmon cone ($4.50)

Seaweed was fairly crisp. Decent amount of salmon inside.

Alaska roll ($5.50)

I wouldn’t have ordered this, especially if I had known there was cream cheese in it.

Chopped scallop cone (~$4)
Mango cheesecake (~$4)
Matcha cheesecake (~$4)

Quite a small portion but I guess it wasn’t that expensive for a dessert anyway. I much preferred the matcha cheesecake although the matcha was quite subtle. These are more like frozen cheesecakes which was a nice way to end the meal.

Overall, the quality was there and all the fish was quite fresh. Unfortunately they did run out of both unagi and toro and a couple other things which was fairly disappointing, especially the toro which I always get. Their selection of special items wasn’t that impressive either.

Food: 3.6/5
Value: 3.2/5
Overall: 3.5/5
Would return: Unlikely

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