Went to Chicco for some parfait on a Friday evening. We arrived around 7 and it wasn’t too busy.

They have two tables that could probably fit eight people each, but they have no other seating here. They don’t seem to have a washroom either as the place it quite small, but I didn’t ask.

Among the three of us, we decided to get two parfait to share.

Green tea parfait ($8.50)

This came with green tea ice cream, green tea jello, fresh fruits, green tea mousse, mochi, cream, corn flakes, sponge cake.

Tiramisu parfait ($8.50)

Vanilla bean ice cream, tiramisu, chocolat macaron, fresh strawberry, chocolate sauce, cream, strawberry jello, corn flake, sponge cake.

The parfait was fine but it really wasn’t special either. That being said I’m not a huge fan of parfait to begin with. The entire thing just didn’t feel cohesive to me. It was not much more than an aesthetically pleasing collection of various toppings/components. There was quite a bit of cream and that was fairly boring and felt like a filler. The ice cream was nice in texture, quite smooth and not icy at all.

The matcha parfait didn’t really strongly remind me of matcha despite what was in it. Maybe it wasn’t strong enough. Similarly with the tiramisu, which for some reason had other things like vanilla ice cream and strawberry.

Based on observing and interacting with the staff I can tell they put a lot of effort into their desserts; not to mention they have a huge kitchen — so I’m interested in trying out their other stuff next time.

Food: 3/5
Value: 3/5
Overall: 3/5
Would return: possibly to try other things

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