Uno Gelato

This gelato place just opened up and is supposedly the first of three locations from gelato maker James Coleridge, known for Bella Gelateria.


It started raining halfway through our visit, which was a surprise, making us wish we hadn’t walked. I got to sample a lot of the flavours since I shared my samples with my partner and vice versa. My partner really liked the dreamsicle. I thought it was good too, as was the black & blue. But we were really interested in the Midnight Chocolate, Salted Caramel, and White Coffee.


I especially liked the salted caramel and white coffee. The white coffee was not too strong at all yet the coffee taste was very prominent. The salted caramel had just the right balance of salt and caramel, and the gelato texture was dense and rich. That being said I do prefer my gelato slathered instead of put into scoops.

Two scoop ($7.50)

The chocolate gelato was really good too. Felt much richer and denser than the other ones and the chocolate was really strong. There was a bit of an “airy/icy” aftertaste (not a texture thing) which was a bit offputting. It may have been the lack of dairy but we weren’t sure.

One scoop ($6)

Overall the gelato was pretty good.

Food: 4.1/5
Value: 3.3/5
Overall: 4/5
Would return: yes


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