Kokoro Tokyo Mazesoba


This place recently opened up in Vancouver and I finally got to try it. Their specialty is mazesoba, aka mixed noodle aka soupless ramen. According to their website, they make the soba noodles in house daily.

We arrived at about 7 pm on a Wednesday and it was pretty busy. They have a board where you write down your name, and we were about six tables behind and had to wait 10 – 15 minutes.

My seat. Unfortunately, they don’t have hooks for bags/jackets underneath the bar

I decided to go all out and get the Zenbu (everything) ramen which comes with seaweed, minced garlic, chives, bamboo shoot, soft boiled egg, spicy minced pork, slow-braised chashu, seaweed flakes, green onion, ground saba (fish), and raw egg yolk. I made it a combo and got the lemonade which came in a bag which was pretty cool.

Zenbu Mazesoba ($17.99) -> combo ($21.88)

I mixed everything up and it kind of struck me as a Japanese carbonara. The soba noodles were evenly coated with egg yolk as well as the various “toppings” like the green onion, chives, minced pork, and seaweed flakes. The level of seasoning was just right and the texture of the noodles was soft but still springy.

I wasn’t that big of a fan of the slow-braised chashu — some pieces were a bit tough. The soft boiled — liked the flavour, it was well marinated but it was too cold. The pieces of seaweed were not crispy either, unfortunately.


The lemonade looked cool. Kind of a weird combination though, and in terms of taste it was good but nothing special. I wonder if they re-use or recycle the bags…

I also decided to get the Fuji cheese cup cake. It was essentially unbaked cheesecake in a cup, with oreo-like crumbs at the bottom. The cheesecake was very light, fluffy, and had a strong cheese flavour. The oreo crumbs pretty much killed (overpowered) the cheesecake, but hey, everyone likes oreo crumbs.

Fuji cheese cup cake ($5.49)

There was a surprising (at least to me) number of Korean staff here.

I had actually wanted to get the Hokkaido creme cone but they ran out 😦 so I came back the next day to get it.

Hokkaido creme cone ($5.5)

It felt a bit icy at the beginning but very light and milky as well. The langue de chat biscuit was very thin but still managed to hold together and broke up very easily which was nice. It was quite small though.

Overall, this place is pretty cool and I can tell that the quality of food is well controlled here. If I come back, I’d try the mentaiko cream mazesoba.

Food: 4.05/5
Value: 3/5
Overall: 4/5
Would return: yes




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