Came here for a team lunch.


Kalbee nachos ($16) – kimchi, jalapeno, salsa, sour cream, brisket

I really liked these. There was plenty of cheese, although a bit of it wasn’t fully melted, and the flavour of the brisket really came out and went well with the green onions and jalapenos. The brisket wasn’t the juicy, medium-rare kind but more of a well-done one with fibers although it was still soft.


BBQ Red Chicken ($5.5) – ginger scallion chimichurri, greens, radish, shallot
Kalbee brisket ($6) – pickled onion, jalapeno, greens, shallot
Milssam ($4) – beef belly, onion, lettuce, gochujang vin

I think the tacos were alright. The Korean flavours were really interesting, and there was a lot going on flavour-wise. I think some of the tacos had too much iceberg lettuce though, which I’m not a big fan of in tacos.

The chicken tasted decent but it was a bit dry. I liked the other two better but it was hard to tell the difference for the meats.

Also, there was too much jalapeno in the brisket taco which made it too spicy and difficult to taste anything else.

We also got a complimentary souffle cake which had a strong egg flavour. I think we got it because they recently opened! It wasn’t bad but I don’t think it was that fresh and I feel they may have microwaved it or something. It was somewhat fluffy and fairly soft.

Overall, the food was alright but I’m not sure it’s my kind of jam. That being said, I went here in a group of ten and people in general quite liked it.

Food: 3.2/5
Value: 2.9/5
Overall: 3.1/5
Would return: possibly. I think their happy hour may have cheap drinks



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