Master Hung BBQ & Wonton

It was pretty busy when we arrived around 6:15, but throughout the dinner the restaurant began to empty out which was pretty surprising.

We decided to get a bunch of things from the combination menu as well as some BBQ items. According to the online menu, the five item combination was about $69. These prices might be out of date however, because the bill was $20 a person and there were maybe eight of us.


Soy sauce chicken

Really liked this. The meat was very soft and had a sweet and subtle gingery taste as well.

Braised fatty meat with preserved vegetables

Also good, meat was quite tender.

2 BBQ item combination – crispy pork, char siu ($13.80)

These were both great. Crispy skin on the roasted pork, and the char siu was the fatty kind (i.e. the best kind)

BBQ duck, whole ($26.80)
Pepper salt with squid

Not bad but not sure if I’d get it again. It was also smaller than expected.

Rock cod fillet in cream sauce

This didn’t really stand out much to me, but it wasn’t bad.

Bean curd skin with baby greens

This also didn’t really stand out much to me.

The food was good and I thought we got a lot of food for the price. Not shown was rice we got for the table, and we also got soup at the beginning and red bean soup at the end which was complimentary. Again, the bill came out to $20 a person after tips/tax. In retrospect we should have gotten more vegetable/carb dishes to balance out the meat lol.

Food: 4/5
Value: 4/5
Overall: 4/5
Would return: yes

Master Hung BBQ Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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