I prefer having Korean food with at least three people so we can split more things but we decided to come here anyway with just the two of us.


They seem to really love their basketball here…


Too bad they didn’t give us kimchi. The macaroni thing was kind of weird and the radish thing was very pungent.

Buldak (spicy chicken) with cheese dish ($35)

I ordered the buldak with cheese dish because I loooove spicy chicken and cheese. It’s honestly kind of expensive for what you get, but I guess because it’s so popular and good the price is high. The only ingredient that would be expensive for them would be the spicy chicken.

The dish came with cheese (obviously), creamed corn, and a side of rice. I guess if this was the only thing we ordered, the price would have been reasonable…

The chicken was pretty spicy and it was nice and tender. The cabbage took a while to cook. the creamed corn and cheese were standard.

Cheesy Kimchi pancake ($14)

The cheesy kimchi pancake was not good. I’m not sure what happened to the pancake portion of it but it just seemed like it was made only of oil, cheese, and some toppings. It fell apart easily and the texture was just not there. And it was too oily.



Black sesame shaved ice (regular size, $13)

The shaved ice here though, is pretty good. It came with various things including mochi, red bean, some nuts, some (bubble tea) pearls, and black sesame ice cream.

I liked how there were many components to the dessert which made it more interesting both texturally and flavour-wise. The shaved ice had the flavour of roasted soybean flour which I quite liked. Although the ice cream was good quality — not icy at all, I just did not like the flavour. There was something about it that was kind of sickly sweet that I didn’t like.

Overall, it was a good evening and I think the food here is good. The service was very prompt and friendly which I didn’t expect.

Food: 4/5
Value: 3.2/5
Service: above average
Overall: 3.7/5
Would return: yes

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