Northern Style Chinese Restaurant

Came here on a whim with a friend one Saturday evening. It wasn’t too busy and we didn’t have to wait for a table. Unfortunately I did wait a little while before writing this review so I’ve forgotten some details…


The decor was… interesting. Kind of dilapidated, and yet there were some weird vases which seemed out of place. Very peculiar, and I kind of liked it.



Bean curd ($9.98)


I liked this dish but it’s kind of pricy for what’s just bean curds. They were cut into thin strips and surprisingly springy in texture. They were soaking in a vinegary and spicy sauce. I could eat this all day, to be honest.


Fresh beer ($7.95)


This had a nice fruity flavour and it was very light as well, as you’d expect from fresh beer. I’m not sure how “fresh” it is and my only other experience with fresh beer was from Vietnam where the restaurant would brew the beer the morning of. This was definitely more refined, and although it didn’t taste that strong alcohol wise, I did feel drowsier than expected.


Scallion pancake ($3.95)

They don’t look too great but they weren’t bad. Well seasoned, and they came piping hot.

Sour cabbage pork dumplings ($8.50)

These were good. Got a fair amount for the price, my only complaint would be that they took away the lid which made them cool very quickly. Unfortunately I don’t remember many other details other than I liked them, so that’s all you guys get.

Garlic flavoured pork ribs ($16.95)

These were awesome. The exterior of the ribs was crispy and light, kind of like how pork skin bubbles and crisps up to form crackling. The meat was flavourful and surprisingly tender and came off the bone with a little effort. I usually avoid ordering ribs because it’s mostly bone and not filling, but this was definitely worth it.



Overall, I enjoyed the food and would definitely come back. Their menu also comes in English and has a lot of pictures. The service wasn’t that great, but I wasn’t expecting much.

Food: 3.8/5
Value: 3.5/5
Service: below average
Overall: 3.6/5
Would return: yes



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